This is a slippery discussion.

The maps in the Draft identify locations where a floating zone may applied. The maps call these large locations “sites”.

The Draft [30.36.070 I 1] formally defines a site as any lot or a group of contiguous lots all owned or controlled by an applicant. The Draft [30.36.100 A] also describes activation of a site at the discretion of the property owner. The Draft requires a minimum site area of 25,000 square feet for all sites in floating zones.

The number 25,000 is interesting because a typical city block is about 200,000 square feet, and such a block might contain 20 lots.

This seems to indicate that a builder could gain control of 3 or 4 contiguous lots in a commercial or residential block (within a floating zone) and activate and build just that part of the zone to a higher density. Other properties on the block would remain at their old zoning, call these holdouts.

Is this the intent the Draft Proposed Encinitas Housing Element? Is this what our citizens want??

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