From the Proposed Draft Floating Zones of the Proposed Draft Encinitas Housing Element:

[30.36.010 B]

Wherever a conflict exists between this Chapter 30.36 and the Encinitas Municipal Code or any Specific Plan, the intent, provisions and requirements of this Chapter controls.

[30.36.100 A]

3. Upon approval of the discretionary permit, the
Floating Zone is activated for the site and the
prior zoning is permanently extinguished.
4. This process is considered a ministerial text
amendment to the Zoning Map of the City.

[30.36.100 K]

2. If amendments to any part of its planning
policy documents, including but not limited to
the General Plan, specific plans, Encinitas Municipal
Code or its Local Coastal Program, are
required to secure or maintain certification
that may otherwise invoke the requirements
of Chapter 30.00, the City Council is authorized
to make any and all necessary amendments
with a four-fifths super majority vote or any
other lesser super majority vote should less
than five Council Members be eligible to vote
while maintaining a quorum.


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