The following links are posted here to provide quick access to the material. Some citizens have reported difficulty at finding this information on the City of Encinitas Web Site.

The Vision and Objectives statement presented by the City Planning Department to the Planning Commission on 6/5/2014.

Documents on the Draft Proposed Encinitas Housing Plan Update:

The Draft Cover Document September 2015

The Draft Floating Zones Document, 10/30/2015

The Draft Design Guidelines Document, 10/30/2015

The Three Maps for the Draft EIR

Sustainable Mixed Use Places Map (February 2016)

Detailed Description of sites:

Ready-Made: Mixed Use Places as of Feb 5, 2015

Build-Your-Own: as of Feb 5, 2015

Modified Mixed Use Places amended as of April 8, 2015

If or when approved by the voters in November 2016 the final version of this will become part of the Encinitas Municipal Code.

Good Article on Housing Elements in General