For healthy development children need outdoor play, recreation, and interaction. In single-family neighborhoods this is often in the back and front yards of the houses, and schools also provide organized physical education and some unstructured playtime.

Encinitas has sufficient large parks and beaches and school grounds to satisfy  the minimum legal requirements for parkland. Large-scale organized activities such as soccer and baseball and surfing competitionsare popular at these sites.

The blocks of apartments provided for by the HEU do not provide spaces for unstructured play activities, and there are no provisions for small group activities such as croquet, badminton, and kickball that were common when we were of that age. Neighborhood play helps foster the development of community. The lack of small parks and play spaces is a defect in the proposed HEU that alters our Community Character and may reduce socialization of our young.

Can the Draft Proposed Encinitas Housing Element support families?

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