The Coast News reported on a study by Christopher Kulick on the vehicle speed feedback signs installed in his neighborhood to slow down traffic on Quail Gardens Drive:

A summary of the article is that the signs aren’t working very well to slow traffic. Christopher did suggest other measures that would do better.

Christopher is a resident of Quail Run.

Quail Gardens Drive is a two-lane local collector road, not a main arterial street. It serves the San Diego Botanic Garden, the Leichtag Foundation, the Encinitas Heritage Museum, and the school site which supports the Encinitas Community Garden. QGD also accesses the Encinitas Ranch Golf Course. It collects traffic from the homes in the Encinitas Ranch and residents on short streets that feed into it. Rush hour commuter traffic uses QGD as a shortcut between places to the inland and the I5 freeway. Traffic speed is a problem and traffic backups happen every morning and whenever there are events at the Botanic Garden or Museum. There is no parking on QGD and there are marked bike lanes and a sidewalk or walking trail along the East side of the street.